DigiCell Menu


What can I do with the new DigiCell Menu?

DigiCell PrePaid customers can access all of the following via the new DigiCell Menu:

  • Top-up menu - Top-up their number, Top-up another number, Send Mi Credit, Call Me and Check Mobile Number
  • Account Balance – Check your credit and active service balance
  • Data menu - Check data balances and purchase data plans
  • Text Bundle menu - Check text balance and buy bundles
  • Roaming menu - Turn roaming on/off and check roaming info
  • Promo menu - Purchase Night Shift or any other available promotion
  • General menu - Language selection and Customer Care

Who can use the DigiCell Menu

The DigiCell Menu is for PrePaid customers only. 

What is the difference between *100# and *100?

*100# will access the popup message. *100 will access the automated voice system. 

Will I still be able to access the old short codes to check my balance or make purchases?

No, you will not be able to check your balance or make purchases by using the old short codes. Please use *100# or *100 to make purchases. 

Where can I call for support?

Customers can call us at 0-800-DIGICEL or at 119 for more information for 24/7 support or send us a text, WhatsApp message at 608-888 between the hours of 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.



Understanding your DigiCell PostPaid Charges

  • If you sign up to DigiCell PostPaid Service, you will receive a bill every month.
  • The cutoff date for billing is the last day of every month.
  • Bills are sent out the first week of the month and are due 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • You are only billed for the calls you make. Incoming calls are free (unless they are collect calls). Minutes used in excess of those in your plan, are billed at the published peak or off-peak rates.
  • The published overseas toll charges apply to long distance calls made from your mobile phone. Toll charges are not included in your pricing plan.
  • You are not billed for 0-800-DigiCel, Emergency, and National Toll Free calls, or 113 for Directory Assistance.
  • You must settle all outstanding balances by the due date indicated on your bill, to avoid disconnection.
  • If you would like to know your current bill balance contact any of our Customer Service Centers.

*DigiCell PrePaid customers do not receive a monthly bill.

Paying Your Bills

DigiCell has made paying your bills very convenient. In addition to being able to settle your account at any of BTL's Customer Services Centers, you can also pay at your local banks located countrywide or online.

Understanding Your BTL Bill

BTL will send you a monthly bill. Payment is due on or before the date displayed on your bill. Not receiving your telephone bill does not exempt you from being disconnected if bill is unpaid.

  • Not paying your bill on time may result in the interruption of your service.
  • Where full payment to the account is not made, services on the account may be restricted.
  • Service will only be restored when the account is paid in full.
  • A reconnection fee must be paid in order to restore services. Reconnection fee may vary depending on the services you have contracted.

Only authorized cashiers or bailiffs are entitled to demand or accept money in respect of any service rendered in connection with telephone installations, payment of bills, deposits etc. 

Customers will be given an official BTL receipt at the time of payment. Customers who do not receive a receipt are asked to check immediately with the Corporate Sales or Customer Service department. Customers are requested to bring any irregularity in this regard to the attention of the Manager. 

You can pay your bills at the following locations:

  • At any of our Customer Service Centers or Rural Community Agents (See listing of Community Agents in White Pages) or at a local bank.
  • Online with the banks that offer Online Banking Services or via your E-service account.
  • By Mail (checks or money orders only): Belize Telemedia Limited P.O. Box 603 Belize City, Belize.
  • By Direct Debit or Standing Order from your local bank upon request, or through your credit card.

If you have questions about your bill, dial 0-800-CALL-BTL. If a billing inquiry cannot be settled quickly, you should still pay all other charges by your due date to keep your credit record in good standing.

Value Added Services


What are DigiCell Value Added Services?

DigiCell Value Added Services include: Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Multi-Party Calling, Voice Mail, Short Message Service (SMS), International Roaming and DigiCell Data. Some of these services are included in the rate plan packages, others are easy to operate, activate and deactivate and are competitively priced. They are designed to increase productivity and provide unprecedented levels of convenience.

How can I subscribe to the ones that are not complimentary?

Simply dial 0-800-DIGICEL or visit your nearest Customer Services Center or a DigiCell authorized dealer.

Will DigiCell Value Added Services work abroad?

Most call forwarding options in other countries work like DigiCell's. Any call barring options set using your mobile phone keypad may be used abroad if the local network offers the same options. SMS is available on most networks.

What is Call Forwarding service, how is it activated?

Call forwarding is the ability to forward all your calls received on your GSM phone to another number (Telephone, Analogue or GSM). It is set up using you phone menu.

What is Caller ID service?

Caller ID enables you to see the name or phone number of the person who calls. The caller can restrict this service by subscribing to Calling Line Identification Restriction Service (CLIR).

How can I activate Calling Line Identification Restriction?

Dial 0-800-DIGICEL or visit your nearest Customer Services Center to activate this service. The service provides a permanent block or blocking of your name and number when calling someone.

DigiCell 4G



What is 4G?

Short for "fourth generation," 4G is the next generation of mobile technology succeeding the 2G (GSM), 2.5G (GPRS or EDGE) and the 3G network technologies.  DigiCell’s initial deployment of 4G mobile technology is based on HSPA+ (Evolved High Speed Packet Access) 21 Mbps.

Our HSPA+ is an enhanced version of high-speed wireless networks and has been classified as IMT-Advanced or “4G” by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). 

What is DigiCell 4G Service?

DigiCell 4G service refers to super-fast mobile broadband (internet) access on your handset or mobile device.

What do I get with DigiCell 4G Service?

It’s really easy! Just like any service, BTL will offer different DigiCell 4G service plans. Once the service is launched you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

What can I do with my device if I have a DigiCell 4G plan?

4G Mobile Broadband will deliver a superior online experience delivering popular websites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook when using a 3G/4G compatible mobile device, tablet, or computer. Faster download speeds are particularly necessary for large files such as a film or video clip downloads, or to play online games through the Internet. 

With DigiCell’s 4G service, when in a 4G coverage area and with a compatible device, DigiCell customers will:

  • Enjoy faster speeds and access to even more applications
  • Browse the web at amazing speeds
  • Send emails easily with huge attachments
  • Video chat with no dependency on Wi-Fi
  • Watch TV on their mobile phone
  • Watch movies or videos at blazing fast speeds on the go
  • Upload photos and videos to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Listen to live music without buffering or download music in the blink of an eye
  • Play online multiplayer games while traveling or sitting outside…and more!

DigiCell’s 4G service provides the ability to transfer voice data and non-voice data (music downloads, emails and instant messaging) simultaneously over the same network.

What are the speeds that will be available?

The actual download/upload speeds experienced by DigiCell’s customers will depend on: 

  • Device specifications (device requirements, compatible speeds)
  • Number of users simultaneously connected to the network via a particular cell site.
  • Proximity to cell site (meaning where you land within the coverage area) and movement
  • URL (web page) being accessed

When in an HSPA+ (4G) coverage area with a suitable HSPA+ (HSDPA 850Mhz) compatible device, DigiCell’s initial rollout of 4G will allow for an average, shared "loaded" download speed and upload speed of at least 10 times faster than current speeds. 

What network frequency does DigiCell use to operate?

DigiCell’s 4G Network operates on HSPA+ 21 Mbps and works specifically on the 850MHz frequency. Therefore, under general specifications your handset must have GSM 850/1900 Mhz frequencies to access DigiCell voice and GPRS/Edge networks and HSDPA 850 Mhz frequency to access the HSPA+ network.

What is the difference between 3G & 4G networks?

4G networks give you higher data speeds when compared to 3G. Not only will you experience greater coverage on 4G, but you will also get a faster Internet connection, improved browsing experience, much shorter download times, and faster access to applications. Simply put, 4G enhances your mobile lifestyle and experience.

What makes DigiCell’s 4G service different?

  • It is the FIRST network in Belize that uses HSPA+ technology - a technology capable of giving a 4G experience directly from your mobile device
  • Access is provided to data and voice simultaneously
  • No need for a Wireless Hotspot to access 4G speeds
  • Access is provided to even more applications 

Will the new DigiCell 4G service do anything to improve voice calls?

Yes, with 4G the voice quality will improve. Calls should sound closer and robustly clearer. It’s like comparing AM radio with FM or an MP3 with an MP4. However, note that the clarity of the call is dependent on the receiving end of the call.

Is 4G for DSL or just for DigiCell service?

4G is a mobile broadband technology providing an enhanced version of high-speed wireless networks; therefore, DigiCell 4G service is only accessible to DigiCell customers who sign up for a DigiCell 4G broadband plan that is being offered by BTL.

What APN setting should be used?

To browse the Internet, ensure that your APN setting on your device is configured with internet APN: digicellbroadband




Do I need a 4G capable device to access DigiCell’s 4G speeds?

Yes, to access new 4G speeds you will need a 3G or 4G enabled device and a DigiCell 4G broadband plan, you must be within a DigiCell 4G coverage area to experience 4G speeds.

What specifications does my mobile device need to have?

General specifications for GSM Cellular phones, Tablets, Dongles & MiFi’s are:

  • GSM 850/1900Mhz (frequencies for DigiCell voice and Edge)
  • HSDPA 850Mhz (frequency for DigiCell 4G service) Phone must have 850 frequency 

Data specifications are: 

  • GPRS
  • Edge
  • Speeds HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, 14.4 Mbps, 21 Mbps or higher (refers to download speeds)

 Customers with GSM LTE handsets will also be able to access BTL’s 4G service.

What device will perform best on this network? Blackberry, Android, or the iPhone?

All of these devices will perform extremely well. The mobile performance, which is the speed at which the mobile device connects to the internet, is independent of the device’s Operating System (Blackberry, Android, Window Mobile, Symbian OS). As manufacturers continue to innovate to meet their customers’ needs, they will continue to release new devices that will not only perform faster but they may feature difference operating systems.

What will be displayed on my device indicating that I have 4G service?

On the top of the screen, the signal bar icon will display if you have data connectivity.  Based on your device make and/or model, on the top of the screen, your device will display ‘4G’, ‘3G’, ‘HSPA’ or ‘HSDPA’, or in some instances, it may simply show a ‘H+’, ‘H’, or an ‘3’.  ‘E’ will also be displayed when accessing Edge speeds.

Do I need to change my Phone Settings to use 4G?

Yes, you need to ensure your phone settings are correct. This can be done by following these generic steps (specifics will vary according to device): 

  • In your Mobile Network Options, set the Network Mode to ‘Dual mode’, ‘3G & 2G’ or ‘GSM & WCDMA’ (depending on your handset) and NOT ‘2G only’ or ‘3G only’.
  • Manually scan for available networks and select DigiCell 3G or DigiCell 4G option
  • Restart phone. ‘4G’, ‘H+’, green ‘H’ or grey ‘H’, or an ‘3G’ icon displays on screen when successful

Will I need a new SIM?

No, the DigiCell SIM that you currently have can be used with DigiCell 4G service. 

What is a MiFi Modem?

MiFi stands for 'My Wi-Fi' which is simply a portable pocket-size device that allows you to share DigiCell’s high speed 4G service on the go with up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices all at the same time. In order to share internet access you must have a DigiCell 4G broadband plan.

Where can I purchase a MiFi and dongle?

Mobile phones, tablets, dongles, and MiFi can be purchased at any BTL Customer Service Center.

What about mobile devices that are not 3G or 4G? Will I still be able to use my simple and basic phone that I have now?

Yes. The phone that you have today will function. If the device has general GSM 850/1900 specifications, you will continue to enjoy GPRS/Edge speeds.  But while you don't have to change your phone, we do encourage you to use our 4G service and begin to experience high speed mobile internet access on our new 4G network.




How do I choose the right data plan?

DigiCell Postpaid (Premier) and Prepaid plans are based on the amount of data that can be consumed (data allowances), that is, how much internet use is included in your monthly plan.  Because not everything you do online uses the same amount of data, it can be hard to judge how much data you’re going to need. Our online DigiCell 4G data calculator can help you estimate how much data you’ll need to purchase within a broadband plan to compliment your budget and tech savvy lifestyle.

What are the plans and prices available for 4G?

DigiCell offers a wide array of Premier (Postpaid) and PrePaid plan options catered to meet every budget and need. (i.e. individual, family, enterprise (business). There is even a plan for BlackBerry users. The costs of plans vary. Prepaid plans are as low as $5 and Premier as low as $25. To view plans and prices for the new 4G services, select the plans tab on the DigiCell 4G homepage.

How can I purchase a DigiCell 4G plan?

We have made it easy for you to purchase a plan using three simple options (1) visit the “My 4G Account” Web Self Care page at www.mydigicell.bz, (2) send a text to the short-code 400 with the number relating to the plan, or (3) visit a BTL Customer Service Center.

What happens if I fully consume the allotted data allowance on my plan within the validity period?

Premier customers will have the option to stop using their contracted data service until their plan is replenished at the beginning of their following billing period, purchase an add-on*, or pay excess charges based on per MB rate after completion of plan’s data allowance. 

(*With Add-On, Customers can purchase additional bundles after they have exhausted their contracted Premier 4G broadband plan. Add-on expires at the end of contracted billing period). 

Activated Prepaid Data Plans will expire either once data allowances are fully consumed or time allotted depletes.  Customers are then able to purchase another plan.

If I am a current GPRS/EDGE data customer, can I switch to a 4G data plan?

A current GPRS/EDGE data customer can activate their 4G data plan by using the “My 4G Account” Web Self Care page at www.mydigicell.bz/ or by visiting a BTL Customer Service Center.

How will I know when I have reached my data allowance?

Notifications will be sent via SMS and email indicating data consumed at 80% and 100%. 

Can I use my data allowance between several devices?

Yes, data allowances can be shared across devices, for example, a handset, tablet and laptop.  In order to do this, you can simply place your SIM in the device that you are using. To use on your laptop, you will need to purchase a dongle.

Will a deposit be required for this service?

Contact a BTL Customer Service Center to get details on deposits and requirements when signing up for a DigiCell 4G broadband plan.

Will I be able to access 4G data services when I roam?

Yes, if you are visiting any of the international countries where DigiCell has a roaming agreement and where the operator has a 4G HSPA+ enabled network, then yes you will have access to 4G data services when you roam. You will also have access to 2G and 3G while roaming in those markets with 2G/3G technology. As always, you should check that your mobile device supports the mobile frequencies that are used by the mobile operator in the country where you are roaming.



Customer Support Services


Will I be billed for calling 0-800-DigiCel, Customer Support number?

While roaming internationally, you will be billed roaming charges for calling an 800 number. In Belize this is a free call.

How do I call DigiCell's Customer Support while I roam?

You may call 800-DigiCel or telephone number +501-227-7085. For ease of use, these numbers will be found on the service dialling option on your Cellular phone. Calls will be charged at local visited country international roaming rates to Belize.



About GSM Security


Is GSM secure?

GSM is the most secure public wireless standard in the world. Transmission protocols and algorithms are constantly being enhanced and added to the system.



About Health Issues


Is there a health risk using mobile phones?

There is no present reliable evidence that mobile phones constitute a health hazard. Research is ongoing to check whether the relatively low power of the transmitted signals can affect human cells. The GSM Association in collaboration with WHO are constantly researching this issue.

I've read that mobile phones can cause cancer. Is this true?

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), there is no conclusion or evidence that wireless phone use is tied to brain cancer. It is the consensus of the worldwide scientific community that the low powered radio signals produced by a mobile phone do not have sufficient intrinsic energy to affect genetic material. However, you may purchase an earpiece from any of our locations if you wish to take extra precaution.

What about other health risks?

Independent scientific institutions around the world review relevant research as it is published. The consensus of these expert groups is that there is no demonstrable evidence of a risk to human health from mobile phone use. The GSM Association however, continues to support international quality research into this question.

Why are there so many restrictions on using mobile phones in hospitals?

At short range, the radio signal from a mobile phone may cause interference with electronic medical devices. At distances greater than 2 meters, the possibility is substantially reduced. It is possible for mobile phones to be used in designated areas of hospitals; however you should obey any warning signs and the instructions of hospital staff. If you use electrical medical equipment in your home, we recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor or equipment supplier.