DigiCell wants to make using the features and services on your phone while traveling as easy as possible. Whether visiting the US, Europe, the Caribbean or Mexico or anywhere, you can take your DigiCell phone with you and Roam like you’re home!  Make and receive calls, send and receive messages, stream and surf the web (PostPaid only) hassle free.  

PrePaid customers are automatically activated for FREE to Roam. Which means as long as you have a registered PrePaid SIM you are ready to roam in over 50 countries.  

DigiCell PostPaid customers would need to make a quick visit to any BTL Customer Service Center to active their Roaming service.  In addition to Voice Roaming, PostPaid customers can also stream and surf the web, with our Data Roaming service. 

Roaming service is a premium service and we encourage customers to exercise great care and discretion when using their devices overseas so as to avoid an unmanageable phone bill when they return. 


PostPaid Roaming FAQ


What should I do before I roam?

Before you are ready to travel, visit the nearest BTL Customer Service Center to activate this service. You are also able to access data while roaming with an existing data plan. If you do not have an existing plan, you can sign up for a plan when you activate your Data Roaming service.


Before you leave the country, remember to follow these 2 easy steps:

  • Find the Network Selection setting in your DigiCell mobile phone menu, and select "AUTOMATIC' before you go to the airport.
  • When you have reached your destination, turn on your phone and allow it to update and locate DigiCell’s partner network in that country.


PrePaid Roaming FAQ


How do I use the prepaid roaming service?

All DigiCell prepaid customer are pre-provisioned for roaming. There is no need to contact customer service for activation.


What should I do before I roam?

Before roaming, ensure that you have an active PrePaid DigiCell account.

Top up your account with sufficient credit before leaving.


General Roaming FAQ


How do I receive a call while roaming?

Receiving a call on a visited network will be the same as receiving a call on the home network.


Someone calling from Belize dials your number as usual and the call gets routed to your handset. There are no extra charges incurred by the calling party.


How do I receive a text message while roaming?

When a message is sent to you while roaming, it can be located in the inbox of the messages section of the handset. Receiving a message is FREE!


How do I make a call while roaming?

From the USA to Belize:

  • Access code (011) + country code (501)+ phone number


From any country to any country:

  • dial: Access code + destination country code + phone number


Country Code Listing:

  • For a list of country codes/access codes click here


Helpful tips for calling abroad:

  • If the international number you wish to call starts with a 0 (zero), you must drop this digit when dialing the number. The 0 (zero) is a "trunk code" used for domestic calls within many countries.
  • The “+”sign replaces the international access code; this also applies when making calls to other DigiCell numbers.


How do I send a text while roaming?

  1. Type the message from the handset's new message option.
  2. Select send and enter the recipient's number using the format as stated above.


How can I TopUp my PrePaid account while roaming?

To afford you every facility to make your PrePaid Roaming experience as seamless as possible, DigiCell provides TopUp options online at www.ding.com or www.mytopups.com



Customer can also dial *100#, access the TopUp service via the DigiCell menu and follow the instructions if they have an e-pin or Mobile Card available to recharge.


How can I check my balance while roaming?

Simply dial *100# and you will be able to access your account balance via the DigiCell menu.


How can I get assistance from DigiCell Customer service while roaming?

For support when traveling abroad, our DigiCell customers can contact our Call Center Agents at +501 227-ROAM (7626) or via email at btlhelp@belizetelemedia.net.


Customers can also Whatsapp or Viber us at 608-8888.



How do I access my voicemail while roaming?

You will be charged if calls go to voicemail while roaming. To avoid this charge you can deactivate voicemail while in Belize or abroad.


Follow the below instructions to check, deactivate and activate voicemail.

  1. Dial *#67# to check if your voice mail is on or off.
  2. Dial #002# to deactivate your voice mail while roaming (optional to avoid chargers for calls going to voice mail)
  3. Upon return, dial *002# to enable your VM

For the above actions you will receive a flash message on your device updating you on command requested.


Roaming Rates


Enjoy the lowest roaming rates in the country!

You will be able to make and receive calls wherever you are in the world, as long as DigiCell is compatible with the operators in the country in which you are roaming.


Click here to find out voice and data roaming rates, and whether your phone is compatible within your destination country.


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