Combo Plans

 FREE Data 
 MORE Minutes 

 FREE Weekends 
 BONUS On-Net Minutes 
 Lower Calling Rates

 Voice Add-On 
 Data Add-on 
 Rollover Minutes

 Share Plan Data 
 Share Plan Talk & Text 


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  1. Bonus Minutes can be used to call On-Net after "Plan Minutes" are depleted. "On-Net" means calls & text to other DigiCell and BTL numbers.

  2. FREE Data can be shared with either PrePaid or PostPaid members. Talk & Text limited to PostPaid members only. 

  3. SHARED PLANS Talk & Text can be SHARED with up to specified PostPaid members ONLY.

  4. TALK & TEXT FREE WEEKENDS On-Net to DigiCell & BTL customers (Friday 8pm to Monday 6am).

  5. TALK & TEXT FREE EVERYNIGHT On-Net to DigiCell & BTL customers (8pm to 6am).

  6. TALK & TEXT FREE SUNDAYS On-Net to DigiCell & BTL customers (12:01am to 11:59pm).

  7. Calling Circle allows all shared plans members unlimited Talk & Text to each other. Applies to PostPaid Plan members only.

      ROLL OVER MINUTES Extended to 3 months

      VOICE ADD-ON unlimited On-Net Talk & Text


Go PostPaid! Get In The Know!


Why GO PostPaid & What are my benefits?

Go PostPaid to add value to your life. Your benefits are FREE DataMORE Text, and MORE Talk 


PLAN I will now get Mobile Internet included in my Plan I will now get MORE minutes I will now get MORE text I will now get Bonus On-Net I will now have 3 months to use my unused minutes I will now get Free On-Net weekends I will now be able to call Members in my plan for FREE I will now get FREE On-Net Nights





Your Monthly Plans

Your bill will indicate the plan name, along with the cost. Depending on the plan you choose, you get a set amount of minutes, FREE text and FREE data for one flat rate. It is also good to know that four plans (Lite, Plus, Elite, and Max) come with a set amount of 4G Mobile Data. You can also use your plan minutes and text to communicate with the other service provider countrywide.


Introducing FREE Data in select plans!

In Lite, Plus, Elite, and Max plans you get 4G Mobile Data, so that you do not have to purchase your data separately. So for what you were only paying for Voice and Text before, you can NOW get FREE Data, MORE Talk and MORE Text.


MORE Talk time

All Plans come with MORE Minutes! Your Plan minutes can be used to call DigiCell and BTL numbers countrywide as well as calls to the other local service provider. 

NOW 3 of our 5 plans (Plus, Elite, and Max) include FREE On-Net Bonus Minutes. In addition to your Plan Minutes, you now have additional “Bonus” Minutes that allow you to call any DigiCell or BTL number countrywide. 


FREE Weekends in Plus, Elite, and Max plans. You can talk and text to any DigiCell and BTL number for FREE. From Friday 8pm to Monday 6am. 


FREE Nights in Elite, and Max plans. You can talk and text to any DigiCell and BTL number for FREE. Everynight from 8pm to 6am. 


FREE Sundays in Lite Plan. You can talk and text to any DigiCell and BTL number for FREE on Sundays. From 12:01am to 11:59pm.

NEW Voice Add-On for all Plans. Need more talk and text in your plan? For $35 you get UNLIMITED Talk and Text to any DigiCell and BTL number countrywide.


Share MORE!

The Elite and Max plans can be shared with PrePaid and PostPaid numbers. The Elite Plan can have 5 members and Max 10 members. PostPaid members will share Voice, Text, Data and can call each other for FREE, while PrePaid members can ONLY share Data.


Introducing On-Net and Off-Net

Instead of a time based peak/off peak rate, there is now an On-Net rate for calls to other DigiCell and BTL numbers and an Off-Net rate for calls to the other local telecommunications provider. The Out of Plan or Excess rates is also changing to On-Net/Off-Net rates. DigiCell’s Voice excess rates are $0.10 On-Net and $0.16 Off-Net. Text excess rates are $0.05 On-Net and $0.15 Off-Net.


Extended Rollover Minutes?

So you have unused plan minutes, what to do with them? Keep them for 3 full months! DigiCell’s unused minutes now rolls over for 3 months. That means that if you did not use your minutes in a given month, the unused portion of those minutes will accumulate for the next 3 months. The roll over minutes can be used to call any other DigiCell or BTL number country wide. Roll over minutes cannot be used to make calls to or receive calls from other local provider.


How Does Roaming Work?

As a BTL PostPaid customer, you are able to ‘roam’ on your BTL device, literally all over the world. BTL has cellular roaming agreements with hundreds of carriers for both voice and data (internet). 

HOWEVER, we caution that the roaming service is a premium service and we encourage customers to exercise great care and discretion when using their devices overseas so as to avoid an unmanageable phone bill when they return. 

For details on Countries you can roam in, please visit our Roaming page. International Long Distance & Roaming are not included in the new PostPaid Plans monthly access fee. It is charged as an additional fee and you are required to come into BTL’s office to sign up. 

You should note that international long distance, international texting and roaming are not included in your monthly access fee. They are billed separately, but will appear on your monthly statement and are due at the end of the billing cycle.


Text Bundles

For PostPaid customer, you can contact any BTL Customer Service Representative to purchase as many TEXT bundles as you want.



Bundle Price

Unit Price







1100 TEXTS







Frequently Asked Questions


What is PostPaid?

A PostPaid plan is a mobile calling service where you pay a set bill once a month for your mobile services. You do not have to buy PrePaid cards or credit to use the service. Your everyday rates and benefits for PostPaid plans are more beneficial to that of the PrePaid service.


How Can I Become a PostPaid User?

To become a PostPaid subscriber you will need the following:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of identity

A deposit may be required for the following customers:

  • New Customers with a letter from a company (Bank, Credit Union, Courts) confirming that they have a good credit history.
  • Existing customers in good standing with BTL. In order words, you do not have any past due or unpaid accounts with BTL.

All other customers will require a low deposit depending on the plan they choose.



If I run out of Voice & Text what do I do? 

If you run out of Voice & Text you can purchase a Voice Add-on which gives you unlimited On-Net Voice & Text for $35. 

When do I use my Bonus On-Net Minutes? 

It is activated after your Plan minutes have depleted. Remember On-Net minutes are calls to DigiCell and BTL numbers only. If you make an Off-Net call, which are calls to the other service provider, you will be charged excess rates. (See further for excess rates) 

Can I make international calls with my plan minutes? 

International calls are currently not a part of your plan minutes; however, you can with the activation of IDDD (International Direct Distance Dialing) or using a Prepaid phone card. 

Can my On-Net Bonus minutes roll over? 

Only your Plan Minutes roll over for 3 months. 

What is Rollover Minutes? 

They are the unused Plan Minutes at the end of your billing cycle. All plans have Rollover Minutes. 

Rules of Rollover Minutes:


  • Free Weekend, On-Net Bonus and Voice Add-On minutes do not roll over.
  • Rollover Minutes are used only after Plan minutes and On-Net Bonus have been depleted for that billing cycle.
  • They cannot be used for International calls.
  • They are not transferrable or redeemable for cash or credits.
  • Rollover Minutes will not continue to accumulate if the customer requests the account to be suspended or is suspended for non-payment.

What is a shared plan? 

A shared plan is Talk, Text & Data shared with 5 or 10 members. These members can be PrePaid or PostPaid numbers. 

Who is responsible for the shared plan charges? 

The account holder is responsible for ALL shared plan charges. The account holder also owns all the PostPaid numbers that are in their shared plan. The account holder must be a postpaid number. 

Can I manage Talk, Text and Data usage to members? 

Voice, Text and Data are shared on a 1st-come 1st-serve basis. 


Who can be a member of a shared plan?

PostPaid & PrePaid customers can be members of a shared plan. 

What can PostPaid members do? 

PostPaid members can share Talk, Text and Data. PrePaid members can only share Data. 

What is a calling circle? 

A calling circle allows PostPaid members of a shared plan to Talk & Text each other for FREE. 

Can the shared member make international calls? 

The shared member can make international calls if the account holder allows the member to do so. Otherwise, the PostPaid member can make international calls using a PrePaid phone card. 

Can I share bundle text? 

Yes, PostPaid members of the shared plan can also share a text bundle purchased by the owner of the account. 

Can a PostPaid or PrePaid member buy bundles? 

No, only the account holder, can make purchases for the members; however, PrePaid users do not share Talk & Text, so they can buy a text bundle with their credit. 




Which plan offers Data? 

All plans offer Mobile Data. 

What can PrePaid members do? 

Prepaid members can only share Data. 

What kind of data can I get with Starter plan? 

With the Starter plan you can add any of the Standalone data plans here

Can a PostPaid number share data? 

Yes, PostPaid numbers can share data under the shared plan. 

If I run out of data, what can I do? 

If you run out of data, you can get a 1 GB or 3 GB data add-on. 


Bundle Price

1 GB


3 GB



You can now purchase these Add-On on a one time or monthly basis.

*Not Applicable to Starter Plan



What are Value Added Services? 

DigiCell Value Added Services include: Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Multi-Party Calling, Voice Mail, Short Message Service (SMS), International Roaming and DigiCell Data. Some of these services are included in the rate plan packages, others are easy to operate, activate and deactivate and are competitively priced. They are designed to increase productivity and provide unprecedented levels of convenience. 

Where do I sign up?

At any BTL office Countrywide.