Data Basic Plans



Enjoy MORE DATA, faster speeds, and a plan to suit your needs!  Sign up for a Data Basic Plan and keep your same DigiCell PrePaid number. Our plans start as low as $24.99 monthly. 


Data Basic Plan 
   Data Basic Plans Data Allowance Monthly Charge Shared Members Expiration Date
Entry 2.5GB $24.99  




End of Bill Cycle 

Small 6GB $39.99  
Medium 12GB $68.99  
Large 16GB $89.99 4
Family  25GB $129.99 6
Add-On 2GB $20.00  - -
Add-On 5GB $40.00  -

 *Effective April 1st, 2018 GST is now applicable. 



  • GST is now applicable on all data plans effective April 1, 2018 for Cycle 1 Customers and April 14 for Cycle 2 Customers. Cycle 2 customers will receive a prorated tax amount charged to their bill based on April 1 effective date.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I sign up for a Data Basic Plan?

To sign up you can visit any of the BTL office countrywide.


Existing Customers:

  • Proof of identity, preferably Social Security card or passport ID
  • A deposit may be required.


New Customers:

  • Proof of identity, preferably Social Security card or Passport
  • Proof of address
  • A deposit may be required

What is the APN used?

The APN used is DATA. You can add this APN by going to your mobile settings.

How can I check my Data speed?

You can download a speed test app at from your mobile device to check your data speed. 


Which devices are compatible on the LTE network?

The following device settings are compatible:

-          It works on Band 2 and 17 for 4GLTE

-          It works on 850 MHz and 1900 MHz for DigiCell 4G/3G/2G services


What happens if I use all my data before the month ends?

We recommend that you buy DATA add-on to gain data access until the new billing cycle starts. 

How will I know when I used all my data?

You will receive text notifications when your data consumption reaches 50%. 

Can I use my data on various devices?

Yes, you can share your data across devices, for example, a handset, tablet and laptop.