Apple Certification

Effective June 5th 2017, Apple officially Certified our 4GLTE Advanced Mobile Network.​ 



  • Experience 4G LTE Advance Speeds while browsing
  • FaceTime and iMessage via Mobile number
  • Personal Hotspot



  • Factory unlock Apple device (iPhone 5s or newer)
  • iOS 10.3.2 software
  • Swap out the current SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) to the NEW uSIM (Universal Subscriber Module).
  • Conduct Carrier Bundle update on Apple device.

Step 1:                                                                           Step 2:

Step 1    Step 2


Step 3:                                                                               Step 4:

Step 3  Step 4




How can I get the Carrier Bundle update?

Apple will automatically send the update to your device in the next few days. 

What do I need do when I get the update?

Accept the update and enjoy the full LTE Advanced experience. The carrier bundles updated all your settings. 

Will I now be charged for activating iMessage and Facetime?

No, you will not be charged for activating these services.  

Will I now be able to use my personal hotspot?

Yes, you will be able to now tether devices to your Apple device using your Personal hotspot. 

What Apple device will this updated Carrier Bundles work for?

Only iPhone 5s and higher will be able to enjoy LTE speeds.

Note if your device is jailbroken or not factory unlocked BTL or Apple cannot guarantee the experience you will have on the device or on the network. 

What Bands must my iPhone device have to enjoy LTE Advanced speeds?

Your iPhone must be band 2 and band 17 to access the LTL Advanced speeds. 

Where can I get more details on LTE Networks and Apple services?

Kindly visit the Apple’s Support site at for more information on Apple products.